The Beach

The beach in Rimini and across the Adriatic coast, is free in the sense that there is a fee. For a fee, only the rental of sunbeds and umbrella and in general every hotel has an agreement with a lifeguard.
We are affiliated to the beach 55 of Rimini, the most beautiful of all, with whom we offer discounted rates for parasols and sunbeds (all inclusive), while the cabins are already included in the price of the hotel.
For the season there will be important news, you list the following standard services:

- Hot and cold showers
- Beach tennis, beach volleyball and basketball (concrete)
- gym
- Animation and fitness gym
- Playground for children with baby sitter
- Bracelets tether for children
- Tours and deposit values
- Swimming pools with Jacuzzi (3/4 EUR per person)

Here are some pictures of the beach 55